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Crochet Mermaid TailNeed a crochet mermaid tail? For purchase? How about for download? Have you seen all the different mermaid tails that are available? Do you wonder which one to try? Well, I can set your mind at ease in making the decision. Don’t buy one. Definitely make one! To make that choice even easier, I can tell you which crochet mermaid tail pattern is the best one to get.

What do I think?

I’ve used two different crochet mermaid tail patterns to make my grandbabies theirs. The first one was a free download. To be honest, after I completed it, I hated it. I almost didn’t want to give it to Hungry. I had spent all that time, however, so give it to her I did. And she loved it! Whew, a load off my mind, for sure.

Well, next Christmas gift making time rolled around and it was time for Stinky Bubbles to have one made for her. I disliked that first pattern so much I went on a search for a better one. Finally, I found one by Melody Rogers, it seemed like an answer to my prayer! You can take a look at her crochet mermaid tail version here. After seeing Stinky Bubble’s new crochet mermaid tail blanket, Hungry needed a new one of her own.

I’ve made two others for my Australian niece and nephew (adapted it into a shark for him – details in an upcoming blog!). three others are on the books for this Christmas, as well!

Crochet Mermaid Tail Crochet Mermaid Tail gone Shark

Mistakes not to make!

I would like to point out how important it is to read the directions. Including the hook size. As well as the type of yarn you will need. Another reason to read the directions is so that you’re able to really know what you’re doing. I really feel that was half my problem with the first pattern. I just didn’t get it. Although in my defense, it was during the time where I was learning what all those other crochet terms actually meant!

Yarn, Yarn, and more yarn!!

This brings me to another reason to rave about this crochet mermaid tail pattern! It takes a bulky yarn. Bulky yarns crochet up much quicker! Speaking of bulky yarn, here is my new favorite bulky yarn.

Best Yarn for Crochet Mermaid Tail

It feels lovely! It crochets up lovely. I cannot think of anything that is a negative when it comes to this yarn!


The mermaid tail blanket by Melody Rogers is a fun blanket to make. Many reasons include: It crochets up super fast. Next, the pattern is easy to read and understand. This means you can whip one up as a last minute gift idea! Additionally, it is also quite simple to adjust this pattern for long legged creatures. They want a tail that will last them for many years. Give them that extra length so it will do just that!







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