Introducing Handyman: More Than Just A Hammer

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Handyman is loud, boisterous, energetic, and active. He comes in and makes a lot of noise (especially when he gets home), and, generally, announces his presence like a jackhammer saying “Hi” to the pavement. If you hear one of our dogs barking, it’s as likely to be because of Handyman as it is all other reasons combined. The tendency might be┬áto think there is only one side to an extrovert of that nature.

Handyman Step ThreeHowever, Handyman is more than just a hammer.

Handyman Stage 5

Becoming the Handyman

A Washington native, Handyman served eight years and change in the Air Force as a diesel mechanic, getting out shortly after joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and settling down with Perfection. Their story and testimonies intertwine together in cool ways. I’ll leave it to them to talk about that, one day, though. When he sinks his teeth into a problem he’s relentless in learning about it. Sometimes his focus can be a little too intense, though we all recognize the value of its fruits. In that way, he’s taught himself about gardening, reloading, building, and a host of other topics. Much of what you’ll read from Handyman will be advice on how to do something.

He has an entrepreneur’s heart, and in addition to having started his own business, is also a large part of the motivating force behind the beginnings of Zion Family Homestead. I mean that in two ways. He was instrumental in moving the idea of all living together in one homestead from idea to reality. However, he also joined with Lala in pushing the idea of us starting this blog.

Why “Handyman”?

Handyman and I are the odd ducks out, in that we didn’t grow up building our own homes or doing any of that kind of thing, yet one of his talents is a tinkerer’s heart. Anytime I hear someone talking about how they need something fixed, I invariably offer Handyman’s services up. Fortunately, he doesn’t mind. My favorite example was a friend’s well pump. She asked if I could give her the name of the company that services our well pump. I told her we hadn’t used anyone, personally, but maybe Handyman could help. When I asked him, he admitted he’d never worked on a well pump before. The next thing I knew, he’d been over there and fixed their problem, saving them a costly visit from the “professionals”.

Basically, if it’s broken, we trust that Handyman can fix it.

Handyman at Play

Handyman and the Homestead

Obviously, Handyman fixes things around here, but we don’t ACTUALLY break enough to keep him fully employed in that. In addition to working to help support the family, Handyman is our primary garden planner, our animal husbandry assistant, our grunt laborer (he actually ENJOYS digging…), and all-around go-to guy. His kids and wife keep him plenty busy, too!

He puts his years of service to good use in training us in handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Likewise, his time as a diesel mechanic has given him knowledge and skills as a mechanic that he puts to work repairing vehicles for friends and family.

Handyman and the Gospel

The Handyman-Perfection household includes both Perfection’s Hungry from a previous relationship and Cold and Stinky Bubbles from Handyman’s previous marriage. Handyman is a giant kid, and plays with his three children like a teenager loose in the house. He has strong opinions on order and responsibility, however, and is striving to teach his children the important lessons he has learned. That includes the gospel.

Out of our family, he’s one of the most in tune to spiritual promptings. On numerous occasions, Handyman has made a decision out of the blue based upon guidance from the Holy Ghost, and his faith has always been rewarded. He’s preempted storms, dodged us around work issues, and otherwise passed practical inspiration along from the Holy Ghost to keep us out of trouble.

Handyman also loves to serve. There’s rarely a time when a friend in need or Church responsibility comes at too inconvenient an hour. Being able to go out and help people just makes his day. It’s definitely one of his most endearing characteristics.

Handyman and Papa

I first met Handyman when he wandered into the wrong ward’s meeting, and after Perfection and Lala noticed his lack of a wedding band and checked him out (I was oblivious) I called on him for prayer, not realizing he’d only been baptized a week prior. Predictably, he stood up and offered prayer seemingly without hesitation. I have often looked back on that as a measure of his spirit. Heavenly Father has blessed me to receive a testimony of the importance of Handyman’s presence in our family. He is meant to be one of us. He was sent to build Perfection up into who she is becoming. While I sometimes struggle to achieve it, I know he and I are supposed to be close. It can be easy to forget, but the knowledge is never far from my mind.


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