131 Days Left – It’s Not Too Late for Planting

Planting in the Raised Bed Garden BoxesHello, readers, Handyman here again! This time I’m here to let you know there are only, as of this post, 131 days left in the growing season. At least for my area. This means it’s not too late for planting! Check out this link to Dave’s Garden to figure out how many days YOU have left.

Despite having this long, if you wait for too much longer, many wonderful plants won’t have the proper amount of time to grow and ripen before the season is over. If you’ve already planted, then that’s great and you’re on your way to a fulfilling harvest.

What If My Seeds Didn’t Do Anything?

About two weeks after direct sowing your seeds, you should see the plant starting to emerge in the soil. If you don’t see anything pop up three weeks after planting, you will need to re-plant that seed. Doing this regularly will ensure your yield will increase – Unless you’re a lucky gardener that has every single seed sprout every time you plant it. In my world, checking and re-planting is always necessary.

Not Too Late for Planting

Not too late for planting plenty of sunWith only 131 days left, what can’t be planted? The only seeds I own that I cannot plant, due to time constraints, are a type of onion from Texas that take 170 days! Most of my seeds take between 50 to 85 days to grow and harvest. There is still plenty enough time to grow and get a great harvest for most plants.

Although 131 days seems like a lot compared to the 50 to 85 days it takes to harvest most, there are several types that need to be planted soon or not at all. Like tomatoes and peppers. They only take about 80 days. You may be thinking you have over a month before it’s too late; but unfortunately that is incorrect. Tomatoes and peppers need a lot of sun, so if you wait until there are only 90 days left in the growing season then the plant won’t get as much sun as it needs. This sun is important in order to properly produce full-size food.

Almost Too Late for Planting

These seeds you don’t want to delay much longer before planting: Tomatoes, peppers, parsnips, pumpkins, celery, corn, and cucumbers.

There are many things I’ll be planting this week. Some of those seeds I’ll be planting are due to the initial seeds not growing. Seeds such as lettuce, beets, onions, carrots, and celery. I have others I’ll be planting this week, also. I waited so long because I was waiting for the final row to be ready. These seeds include tomatoes, peppers, corn, and pumpkins.

I encourage you to get out there and plant today, because it is still not too late.

Next week, tune in to read about a few things you can do to improve the yield of your garden, and… They’re easy, too!

Until next timeā€¦ Handyman is on the job!

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