Essential Oils – For Homesteading?

What do essential oils and homesteading have in common, you ask? Why just about everything! I’m all about DIY, I love knowing how to do things myself. How to make and do things with what I have on hand. Yes, that can create a tendency towards hoarding, but I have that well under control! Handyman and Papa would never let me go there, so have no worries on that front! Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post on what essential oils and homesteading have in common!

Essential Oils and Homesteading

Homesteading is knowing how to live off the land. And while I have NO idea how to make essential oils, I am learning how to use them! And, I’m pretty sure that, if they’re as amazing as I think they are, I could learn how to make them. At least the ones that I love the most. And I can stock up on the others!

Homesteading is knowing how to do things yourself. Of being more natural and healthy. Ignoring nasty and harmful chemicals. And things you can’t pronounce.

Peppermint and Lavender

Speaking on ones that I love the most – and fortunately for me, both could be crafted with plants that could be grown right here on the homestead!

essential oils3Peppermint

Peppermint just cause it smells wonderful. Ok, it’s also touted as being good for headaches. And for helping keeping one alert! I can attest to the second use. I’ve been getting massages for the last several months to help with headaches and other pains from being rear-ended on my birthday. Michelle, my masseuse, always ends with peppermint essential oils. One day I was dog tired and, as usual, she ended with about 5 minutes of a peppermint essential oil massage on my neck and head. When I walked away from that massage I was no longer tired. I had quite a bit of energy!

essential oils2Lavender

Lavender essential oil doesn’t smell quite as nice as peppermint, to my nose at least, but what I’ve experienced is well worth it! I’m growing to love it! What does it promote? Sleep! It’s also supposed to be good for headaches… I’m sensing a theme here! Anyway, lavender is also known for it’s calming qualities. Just before crawling into bed for sleep I put a few drops in my hand, add some lotion, and rub it onto the soles of my feet! When I do this and wear my eye mask and ear plugs, I usually get a solid 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep! To some of you that may seem silly to be excited over, but let me tell you, it’s amazing for me!

So this is just a taste of how essential oils and homesteading go together.┬áThese are some of the things essential oils are good for. In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing what I’m learning about the wonderful world of essential oils!

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