Crocheted Mandalas… Why I Love Them!

Crocheted mandalas are my new…. focus. Some people might call it an addiction, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if my newfound love of mandalas is crazy. Or genius!

Crocheted Mandalas, and How the … Focus Started….

They are seriously amazing! Glorious! Fantastic! Easy!

I know maybe ‘easy’ is a bit of a stretch. But, honestly, once you know how to do the stitch, it’s pretty easy to continue the pattern for that round.

crocheted mandalas 1st oneAs you might remember, I first discovered my love of mandalas when I crocheted my Sun Mandala Vest from Nadia Faud’s Yarnutopia.

Since then I’ve been trying to make the perfect mandala. I’ve found others to crochet, such as this one from Morale Fiber. I ended up starting it, but about half way through decided I could go off on my own! Continue reading to find out why.

I had seen a picture of a GORGEOUS mandala. I instantly feel in love. At that moment, I decided I needed to add an edging of triangles to my crocheted mandala duster. That was a bit of a challenge as I worked out how to do it.

crocheted mandalas - purple yarnsThis piece took me hours and hours. The final rounds took 2 hours each to crochet! But the end result is totally worth it. Papa thinks I’m amazing everytime he looks at it!! Although, I do have to admit, it is all in the yarn, actually. That yarn I mentioned I’d fallen in love with when I learned how to make my dragon scale gloves! It has such a lovely drape to it. And the colors I chose are beautiful! But, honestly, how can anyone go wrong with purple?!


Reverse Engineering in Crochet!

crocheted mandalas look at that drape

Crocheted Mandala while WalkingI’ve discovered I really like working out how someone makes something. Reverse engineering crocheted items. Especially crocheted mandalas! That’s what I did, I guess. I reverse engineered the last 10 rows or so, from the pictures.

I haven’t quite perfected it yet. But I am getting quite a bit of practice at it! I’ve made three more with that edging. As I said, I’m… focused…


What is it About Crocheted Mandalas, I wonder…

crocheted mandala 7

Anyway, I mentioned making three more. I made one more for me, as something to wear in a more casual setting (my duster is more elegant, a good church cover-up). This one is to cover my bum, actually. I like to wear leggings, but I don’t really like showing off my bum, so a crocheted mandala vest works perfectly to help cover it up.

Another thing about this one, and the next two, that make them different from my previous attempts, is that they are my own design. Yup, I’ve branched out and decided it’s time to start designing my own crocheted mandalas! Once I’ve perfected the pattern for my personal crocheted mandalas I will be sure to share it with you all.

crocheted mandalas 2

crocheted mandalas 4Hungry and Stinky Bubbles both fell in love with my first crocheted mandalas. Loved them so much they both put in requests for birthday or Christmas gifts to be made for them. It’s so nice when my creations are requested! I’m not giving them items they will simply say, “Oh, thanks, Lala…” with that look that clearly states they are trying to be polite. Nope, my kidlets WANT these things. That makes me so happy! I get to do something I love for those I love even more! This means, that after the two I’ve already completed for them, I get to make two more! So that all four of the girls can have one.

More Crocheted Mandalas?

I really want to make more. They are just so much fun to crochet. So relaxing. I’m thinking of making a crocheted rug mandala. Perhaps a coverlet for my bed. Wall hangings? I’ve designed, in my head (it’s not on paper yet), how I can use crocheted mandalas as a skirt. The choices and ideas are endless!

One last thought I want to leave with you.

I was reading at Knitting Paradise – a forum for crocheting and knitting – and came upon a concept I hadn’t thought of before. One of the regulars was ‘talking’ about how she just loves to knit. It doesn’t matter how long an item takes her to make, it’s the process of knitting that she, and others, love.

That really got me thinking. I love to crochet. I don’t really mind frogging a row/round or two. Or even 5 (as was the case when making a sun hat for Banana). Several times, in fact. It’s the process. I don’t want to do items that take too long as I’m really working on items for family for gift giving at the moment. But I realize, that because I truly love to crochet, I can make more of my crocheted mandala dusters. Even though they take several days to make – if crocheting round the clock! It’s the process. The creation – that is what matters. The peace and joy crocheting brings me. Not rushing to get it done!

For some reason I find that freeing. It was an epiphany that really helps me to simply enjoy the process of crochet!

See? Genius after all!

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