How To Blow Up Easter Eggs… Without The Mess… or Explosions…

Hungry Blowing A StrawWant to make a different type of decoration using Easter eggs? Tired of having to use up all those hard boiled eggs? With Easter coming up an old memory came to mind. It was one I really enjoyed doing. Although, to be honest, I didn’t do them for Easter. I actually did them for Christmas. I made Christmas tree ornaments out of them. This was YEARS ago… Decades… Eons… Ok, not really, I’m not that old!! But it has been decades. I was a young teenager still living at home.

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What was it?

Blown Easter eggs!

First, you take an egg. The bigger they are, the better. Next, take a thumbtack and poke a hole in one end of the egg. Following that you will poke the other end of the egg. Several times. This is to make a bigger hole for the egg yolk and whites to come out. Some people use a drill. It will provide a much smoother and perfect hole for blowing. However, if you wish the children to be able to do this, I’d suggest using the tack method.

The Beginnings of Blown Easter Eggs

Finally, it’s time to empty the egg. Before you blow out your eyeballs, or more likely, burst the egg, there is one more step. You can do this in a couple of ways. Probably the easiest is to find a large paperclip and straighten it (as you can see, I used a very skinny straw) in order to break the yolk up for easier blowing. Now it’s time! Finally, you get to blow out the yolk and white! This should be obvious, but in case it’s not, you blow from the small hole. The idea is to push the egg stuff out the bigger hole.

The Gross Part of Blown Easter Eggs

Now what?

Rinse out your eggs. Well. You want to be able to keep your decorations for years to come, right?! After they’re dried out it’s time to work on a way to hang them. You could glue something to the top to hold your hangar in place. I would thread a needle with the proper color thread and insert it through the top small hole and out through the bigger hole I’d made (more on this a couple of paragraphs down). Then I’d tie a knot. Finally, pull on the loop left on top and the knot would keep it from coming all the way out. Hopefully, that is, this was a work in progress at times for me those many years ago!

What all can be done with them?

Easter EggsYou can decorate them as you do when decorating hard boiled Easter eggs. You can paint them with acrylic, oil, watercolor, markers. The ways to decorate are endless! What I did, when that young teen, was to decorate the INSIDE of the egg.

A Basket of Easter EggsTaking your thumb tack, you will poke out a portion of the side. I would usually poke out an oval shape. I’d use bric a brac to cover the rough edges I always left from my crude poking of the sides. Now, that I’m older and wiser (one can hope anyway), I would suggest sand paper. Alternatively, it would probably be quite easy to simply use a hand dremel tool to smooth them out. I used to put cotton in the bottom of the egg. Then I hand drew and colored some pictures that reminded me of Christmas. Those I cut out and glued them inside the egg, onto the cotton. Voila! Pretty decoration for my Christmas tree!

But, Lala, this is EASTER! We are wanting to make Easter eggs!Easter eggs

Use my idea above, draw, color, paint, cutout whatever it is you wish to decorate the insides of these Easter eggs. Use Easter grass. Anther way to decorate these Easter eggs is to use some Fimo Clay! Make eggs. You can make the Easter Bunny. Make other figures. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what you, or your children, create. It’s all about art. Getting creative. Most importantly, it’s all about enjoying time together!


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