Introducing Sleepy: Our Seventh

Sleepy the Dwarf?I’m just going to come out and say it. Sleepy’s short. There, it’s out there, and I don’t feel bad! She’s not the only reason that her husband and daughter get smurf names, but she’s part of it. Don’t worry, I have nothing against short people. But just like Grouchy is tall, Sleepy is short.

Sleepy grew up down in the same area as Grouchy, though I’m not sure they knew one another at the time. Unlike Grouchy, she’s never had to haul her own water or the like, and I’d call Sleepy the more ‘city’ of the two of them. She’s the youngest adult here at Zion Family Homestead by a significant margin. She’s just starting to show an interest in the blog. Perhaps you’ll see her share some of her interests in the future.

Why “Sleepy”?

For whatever reason, Sleepy has always had a hard time getting on the kind of schedule that matches the homesteader life. Where Lala and I are out the door at 5 am for Seminary, and Handyman and Perfection start their morning routine between 7 and 8, Sleepy routinely waits until the pm hours to rise from slumber. She’s been improving, but it’s a tough process for her. It probably doesn’t help that her girls will sneak off to join Cold, Hungry and Stinky Bubbles, whether Mom and Dad are awake or not. Not to mention that with 6 other adults on the homestead, there are lots of people able and willing to see that the kids are changed, fed, and entertained. She has good times and bad as regards her sleepiness, but the name is unlikely to wear off anytime soon, even if she miraculously becomes a morning person.

More about Sleepy

Sleepy Joining InSleepy loves to argue. I’m overstating this for effect. It’s an annoying thing writers do. But, more seriously, Sleepy loves to disagree with me! (She’ll probably disagree with me about that, too). To be more accurate, she loves discussions. They can be a little heated, as long as everyone is staying civil, but they are almost never what one would traditionally call an argument. In fact, when things escalate into arguments, Sleepy usually becomes scarce fairly quickly. But a good debate? Those can probably draw Sleepy from a dead sleep! Every now and then, I contemplate using them as an alarm clock… Sleepy’s discussions range in topic from politics to religion (the two most easily debatable topics known to man) to simpler subjects.

Without a doubt, however, Sleepy has an opinion on most things and loves to discuss that opinion. Often, these discussions will start out with questions, as Sleepy is insatiably curious about the why and how of things.

Sleepy also loves to be in the limelight. She’s a social person and is drawn to conversations, gatherings, and events like a moth to flame. One of the best things she does at Zion Family Homestead is try to encourage our family to be together. Far from organizing grand social functions, she does this more by expressing her regret when someone is missing. She loves everyone and lets them know that she misses them. It’s an endearing quality and an appreciated function. It also means she’s drawn to the many events or opportunities for gathering that others might organize.

Sleepy and the Gospel

Sleepy is a Christian girl, like the rest of us. Well, some of us are boys. You know what I mean… However, unlike many of us, she has carried her faith around with her for a longer period and has NOT taken the dive and become a Mormon. It might seem like that would be a fairly major cause for contention, but it’s not. We’re a pretty opinionated bunch, but we’re actually all very understanding of people who don’t believe as we do. Afterall, none of us believed as we do now, either!

Sleepy believes in the bible and acknowledges a lot of Mormon doctrine to be in line with her personal beliefs, but hasn’t yet felt that her witness of the truth of the gospel is strong enough to encourage her to baptism and all the commitments that come with. Nevertheless, she is the most frequently visiting non-member of our household to our church services and she allows Clumsy and Banana to attend with us weekly. Which is a fact we are all really grateful for.

Sleepy and Papa

Sleepy and BananaNo, I’m not the baby. I appreciate how her presence in Grouchy’s life has softened him. How she is willing to take advice. I appreciate how she’s able to humble herself to let others decide the big decisions. One thing I really appreciate is how much she loves our family. She asks how our day went and really wants to know. Or, she’ll come and visit us just because she hasn’t seen us in a while and she enjoys our company. While sometimes we might be grumpy, busy doing what we’re doing, her visits are welcome because we know they don’t come with strings attached. She genuinely just wants to be with us for a little while and talk.

I like to argue, too. Actually, I’m even LESS inclined towards confrontations than Sleepy is, but I am always willing to have a discussion. Especially about the gospel, or politics! That’s brought Sleepy and I together to where I feel like we have a pretty close relationship. I appreciate how she lets us share our beliefs with her children, and I secretly (well, NOW I guess it’s not a secret) believe her testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is stronger than she knows.

I feel that she lets the idea of being perfect get in her way. She wants to wait until after she feels the drive and motivation to rid herself of the habits that Mormon doctrine teaches against. I can understand where she’s coming from, I’m a slow-starter, too. When she decides to take the plunge and realizes that the gospel is a hospital for sinners, not a museum where saints are put on display, she will make a great Mormon.

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