Introducing Hurricane – The Eldest

Vanity and Hurricane a few years ago, when he was still cute...

Sharing about this elusive whirlwind can be a little difficult, because you can’t get her to sit still long enough to get her opinion. Unless of course she’s asleep, which isn’t exactly helpful to the process. Our eldest daughter tends towards great flurries of activity. She whips into a room, already late for something, and flies out as fast as she came. She earned her nickname years ago, and has continued to bewilder us since.

Growing Up

I’m not suicidal enough to share her age, but suffice to say that she’s both our eldest daughter, and the second eldest in the house, which causes some confusion among those newly acquainted with our odd family. She grew up in Raymond, Washington, among other locales, and literally had to build her own bedroom. She’s an incredibly hard worker, having entered the workforce at 15 and pretty much never leaving it.

She had Vanity at a young age, and has been his sole provider for many years before finally coming home to roost and allowing us to assist her in his upbringing. He’s got his rough edges, like any teenager, but most good things he has in his life he can point to his Mom as the source.

Hurricane Now

Right now she knocks the socks off a waitress job, and does so in her customary Hurricane style. She whips around the restaurant at about 3 times the speed of the average server, taking care of her customers (and often everyone else). She’s been in the food industry a long time, and her bosses at every restaurant she’s worked at have always come to rely on her skills.

She is the most charitable person I have ever met. I don’t say that lightly, as it is my favorite feature of this daughter of mine. She would, quite literally, give the clothes off her back to someone in genuine need. She expects it of herself, and lives up to her expectation. If anything, she’s charitable to a fault; giving to people long after they have proven they don’t want to help themselves. Unfortunately, this has led to her having that charity abused a number of times. Yet still she continues undaunted.

Hurricane definitely fits in with the mentality of the women folk of this homestead; she is one of the fiercest and most loyal women you will ever meet. Woe betide anyone who threatened harm to any member of her family. Her temper is pretty much unmatched. When she is angry it is best to duck and cover! Yet, she has taken a back seat role in the homestead planning. She humbly assumes that her contribution isn’t enough to warrant a full say. No matter how we try to convince her otherwise.

While her opinion of herself might not be all it should be, we know Hurricane to be a choice daughter of Heavenly Father. Hurricane is an amazing woman who deserves to be treated with love, respect, and kindness. She has had far too much of the opposite of all three. We love her dearly, and can’t wait for her to realize how amazing she is. Nor for her to find someone who treats her in kind.

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