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Companion PlantingPotatoes kill your peas? Garlic kill your onions? You’re probably looking for a companion planning guide so that your veggies won’t fight a world-war for nutrients, aren’t you? Here it is! Right in time, hopefully, to assist you in planning your own garden. After telling about my companion planting guide in my second year recap, I felt I had better get it out there for people to use. It has been such a huge help to my gardening efforts.

How the Companion Planting Guide came to be

I was researching companion planting last year and became discouraged. So many sites had different information! Some would have the vegetable I was looking for. Others wouldn’t. Some would have different companions or rivals listed than others. Crazily, some would even have a veggie listed as a companion when another said it was a rival! What was I going to do? Should I just pick one and hope they were right? That didn’t sit well with me. I decided to research a number of reputable sites with companion planting guides and compile all the information into one easy to read chart.

How I resolved the problems

My thought process for compiling all the differences in information was as follows: Combine all companions for each seed and remove any duplicates. Then, combine the rivals for each seed, again removing duplicates. I still had the conflicting information problem to face. However, I solved that by assuming the worst. Any cases of contradictory information became rivals. Better to be safe than sorry, I say.

Additionally, I included in the chart if a veggie likes the shade. This detail was missing from other guides and is important to know when planting your garden. Having that information on the guide allows me to plan taller shade providers near to shade-needing plants.

Where you can find my guide

Companion Planting Guide - Free!This companion planting guide served me well last year; I didn’t find any undocumented rivals, and I tested every companionship. I hope you get some good use out of my guide. Just click on the picture and follow the directions to get your free copy today!

Thank you for reading, until next time…

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