Off-Grid Kitchen Appliances Round-Up

Have you thought about going off the grid but wondered about how you were ever going to cook? Or other basic food preparation? Well, wonder no more, here is a round-up of some of the most common needed off-grid kitchen appliances.

Off-Grid Kitchen Appliances, Basic and Not So-Basic

 Who would have ever thought of a blender as being something we could use without electricity! I know my family would NOT want to do without their smoothies!

What would life be without waffles? I cannot imagine it! This is a good one to take camping. Or using on your wood stove!

An ice crusher would be an amazing thing to have.  We don’t even have an electric one, other than the one attached to our refrigerator. With my Hurricane and her love of frozen treats, I will probably need to invest in one of these! If for no other reason than on a camping trip. Having one of these and some flavored syrups will equal up to one happy Hurricane!

A slow cooker! This would be a favorite of mine to own. I love cooking with a slow cooker. I have several. Seriously, some days all are in use!

A coffee grinder! Being LDS I wouldn’t use this for grinding coffee, but spices and herbs?! Oh yes. I don’t care for being old fashioned enough to use a mortar and pestle!

Check out this whisk! It is a beauty, much nicer than the usual type. Mixes a lot more efficiently!

Rotary egg beater. If you prefer the more regular type of egg beater, here you go!

A hand crank meat grinder. I suppose it could be used for grains. I remember my mom using HER mom’s (I now own it!!) grinder for grinding up left over roasts and baked potatoes. She was making hash. I’ve also used one of these to grind up cooked soy beans. In order to make tofu.

Off-Grid Kitchen Appliances




Hand crank grain mill. This is more my style for when it comes to grinding grain. I want efficiency!

Food Preservation, Off-Grid Style

This is a yogurt maker! I love my yogurt maker. I’ve taken to using a crockpot to make mine these days. But this could be great to have on hand for additional control!

 How about a dehydrator? Can’t live off-grid without food preservation!

If purchasing one like this isn’t your cup of tea, how about making one? Check out these two dehydrator plans.

mother earth news off grid kitchen appliances




This one can be found at Mother Earth News



Instructibles food dehyrdator off grid kitchen appliances



This one you can find at Instructables 



One Last Thing

A non-electric clothes washing machine. While this doesn’t belong in the kitchen, it is certainly something that would be good to have on hand! I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t like washing clothes by hand. Give me a hand crank any day! Well, honestly, I’d be giving it to the kidlets to work!

No matter your reasons for wanting off-grid kitchen appliances. Whether it be for an electrical outage or for living without electricity for longer periods. Having some of these on hand is well worth your time!

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