Conversion Charts – Necessary Tools for Any Kitchen

Have you ever been making something in the kitchen only to discover the measuring cup or spoon you needed is gone? That it’s either dirty in the running dishwasher or has simply disappeared? Is it not in its proper place? Or maybe you’re making a recipe calls for a measurement that you aren’t sure how to convert? These are all super frustrating. You can always do what I end up doing, search for conversion charts online. If my internet isn’t acting up. Or maybe luck out when trying to find it in a book. But, these alternatives can be time-consuming, if not a complete waste of time. Making it even more frustrating.

But it doesn’t have to be.

conversion charts measuring 4As I was trying to come up with a new blog for you to read – A new way to give you some help – the above scenario came to me. And I knew how to help you. And me, as well. Something to have on hand. So we never have to spend that time looking it up again! Printable conversion charts!

I have compiled a list of common cooking conversions and abbreviations for easy lookup. I would like to share this list with you so you, too, can enjoy the ease and practicality of it. You can find it below. By signing up to Zion Family Homestead’s newsletter, you will get a link so you can download your own copy for a printable version of the conversion charts we, here at Zion Family Homestead, created.

Some of the conversions are easily memorized. Unfortunately, after not using them for a little while, I often second guess myself. This means, of course, of having to look them up. Just to be sure I was right. Despite usually being right, it is still frustrating to have wasted the time it took to look them up and double check. Having one of these located in my cupboard door means I won’t have to squander that extra time anymore!

Simply print out the PDF and tape it to the inside of your cupboard near where you do most of your cooking. This will make it quick and easy to look up conversions when you need them. You won’t need a book or the internet; just open your cupboard and, boom, there they are. Additionally, to help protect from splashes, and whatnot, you could laminate it. Or place it in a plastic page protector before taping!

Additional Conversion Charts

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Having an Australian living in our home, I realize that he had to learn all over the measurements we use here in the states. So to make it easier for those of you who are from outside the United States, I have added metric measurements.

I have also made a list of the weights of some common cooking ingredients. Please note that I’ve noticed many discrepancies between different websites regarding weights. So all the weights listed are based on my own tests. Additionally, I used freshly ground whole wheat flour.

Last, but not least, a few cute measurements I felt needed to be added. I found the ‘old fashioned’ table from

I hope these charts will help you to find a little more ease and speed while you’re in the kitchen!

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