Sturdy, Simple, A-Frame Trellis
This easy to make A-frame trellis is sturdy enough to handle the rigors of not only peas climbing up its lattice, but cucumbers as well!
13.5′ x 4′ x 4′ A-Frame
13.5′ x 4′ x 4′ A-Frame
  1. The first step is to cut the 2 – 2″x4″x8′ pressure treated boards in half, creating 4 2″x2″x8′ boards. Or you could choose to buy the 2″x2″‘s instead.
  2. Then, for one side, cut the 8-foot section in half, giving you two 4 foot lengths and miter one end of one of the two sections at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Place the two 4′ sections together, with the mitered edge at the top of the “A” making sure that the width of the legs equal 4 feet. Then screw the top edge together with a 4″ deck screw.
  4. Next, you make the middle support for the A. You do this by cutting a 2′ section off of one of the 8 foot long 2″ x 2″‘s. On each end of the 2″x2″x2’ section, miter a 22.5-degree angle.
  5. Place this between the two legs of the A-frame where the angles match up flush to the legs and secure it with a 4″ deck screw on each side.
  6. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for the other A-frame side, ensuring that you cut the 2′ section from the now 6-foot long 2″x2″.
  7. After both sides have been assembled, cut the remaining 2″x2″x8′ into two 4-foot sections. You should now have three 2″x2″x4′ sections.
  8. Use these sections to connect the two sides; one at the very top, and one halfway down on each side using the 4″ deck screws.
  9. All that is left to do is attach your trellis net. Staple the bottom corner where you want the net to start.
  10. Then stretch the netting across the frame to do the bottom corner on the other side, ensuring it is tight.
  11. After that, you should stretch the netting up one side (preferably the side you started with) and staple the top corner, and then work your way down with the stapler to secure the one side.
  12. Stretch the top corner of the other side up, keeping the net tight, and do the same thing on this leg. Then repeat on the other side.

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