A Change At Zion Family Homestead – The Birth of Becoming-Zion.com

Stairs Learning Changing Becoming-zion.comI talk too much. I think I’ve mentioned it in the past. Once I get going, it’s hard to shut the flood gates. Often, at seminary, I will start yammering away and get ‘the look’ from Lala. If you’re married, you know what I mean. Actually, if you have parents, you probably know what I mean! The look that says “ok, time to stop.”

Fortunately, (unfortunately?) no one ever gives me ‘the look’ when I am typing. If I want to write a thousand words a day during my scripture study, that’s just fine! But the problem we have run into is that this blog is supposed to be about our whole family, striving to live a life of preparedness on our homestead, but I am drowning it in my spiritual thoughts. Do you agree? I am hopeful you actually enjoy at least some of my spiritual thoughts. I have no intentions of keeping them to myself. So I’ve created Becoming-Zion.com


Becoming-Zion.com is essentially my spiritual portion of the Zion Family Homestead. It is my way of fighting against the challenges that I face as a Latter-day Saint. The challenges of living the gospel faithfully. For me, those are often challenges of learning, changing, and becoming.


How should I study the scriptures? What doctrine do I need to understand? How am I supposed to do the simple things that everyone seems to take for granted? These are the questions, among others, that have plagued me since I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I need to know the answer to these questions and I suspect that I’m not alone. Becoming-Zion.com will be about learning what we need to learn to answer those questions for ourselves.


Once I learn the answers to my questions, I need to apply them to my life. I don’t think it is only me that walks out of a sacrament meeting saying. “They’re totally right. I totally need to change that. But why couldn’t they tell me HOW?” If you’re like me, it’s a frustrating feeling to have. Knowing that there is something you’re doing wrong. But not knowing how to fix the problem. It’s infuriating! Becoming-Zion.com will be about actually answering questions of how to go through the process of changing, not just recognizing what we need to change.


This is the ultimate goal, right? We are in this life to become something greater. Becoming-Zion.com will be about recognizing what our learning and changing has helped us to become. It will be about deciding what our path is going to be and making that journey. Ultimately, if Zion is the pure in heart, and those who are united together by the gospel of Jesus Christ, then Becoming-Zion.com will be about just that: Becoming Zion.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey to becoming Zion. If not, I totally understand. I didn’t want to walk that path once, either. I’ve been there. It is how I got where I am now. I can hardly regret it, can I?

I will still be frequently present here on Zion Family Homestead, but my focus will be changing. I’ll be freeing myself to talk about my own interests in emergency preparedness and homesteading. So if you’ve ever been interested in becoming a Beekeeper or a Blacksmith, you may want to keep your eyes open!

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